Choosing Your Perfect Pleasers!

September 16 2020 – AAAeCommerce Inc Collaborator

Choosing Your Perfect Pleasers!

Choosing Your Perfect Pleasers!

Finding the perfect Pleasers can be hard. How do you know which one is right for you? Do you look at the style, comfort level or just pick the one that goes with your pole wear? By the end of this blog, you will know just what Pleaser is right for you. 


Do you have new shoes with little or no grip? Follow the instructions below for a life changing hack! 

1. Take the sticker off the bottoms of the shoe

2. Use a Stanley knife to shave off the sides to slide around easier

3. Your Pleasers should not get stuck to the floor when you are trying to glide ,making it easier for floor work. 

For a demonstration watch the video below. 



The Perfect Height 👠 

If you are a beginner pole dancer the standard height of Pleaser will be 6 inches. This is the safest option if you are someone who doesn't feel too confident wearing heels. Later you can work your way up to a pair of 7-inch Pleasers.

This height is ideal and the most common height for beginners. Don't feel intermediated they make look really scary and high, but with the right strength training, you will get used to them before you know it. 

If you are someone who has weak ankles purchasing boots can help support your ankles. The standard Pleaser boots are mostly 8 inches. You may have weak ankles but in these boots, you can not be afraid of heights.


Style 💞

The next step is finding the perfect style that compliments you. You can choose the sandal style, although you will need to make sure they have straps for safety and support reasons. 

 Boots are always cute! We do recommend to size up in boots! Although if you are wearing them for a long time they can get hot and sweaty. Boots look great in a routine and make your legs look longer so you can always invest in a pair for the colder months. 

Picking the details of the Pleaser comes down to your personal style. Glitter for the ultimate girly girl who loves her bling. Leather for the rebel at heart. There are so many variations including suede. crystals, and clear plastic. You can visit your options at or send us an email if you need help deciding. 


Sizing 👈

Depending on the style of shoes the sizing may alternate. Pleaser uses US sizing . If you are from Australia we recommend buying the same AU size as US size. Eg if you wear size 8 AU then size 8 Pleaser would fit ! 

The best size guideline is the one provided for you on our website. Always match your foot size according to the chart. This will ensure you receive close to the perfect fit.

When purchasing your Pleasers, you may be between sizes. If the style is open-toe try sizing down and size up for closed-toe heels depending on the width and size of your feet. 





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