Pole Wear Organization Hacks

September 16 2020 – AAAeCommerce Inc Collaborator

Pole Wear Organization Hacks

Pole Wear Organization Hacks

Want to transform your pole closet like a pro? Read this blog to learn all the ways you can make your pole wear stand out! These hacks will motivate you to get in the studio. 

One of the issues most pole dancers face is not finding their pole wear amongst all their other clothes. These hacks will ensure you to always find the perfect pole outfit.

 Hack #1 Declutter 

First things first! You will need to go through all your pole wear and decide what you want to keep, sell and donate. It’s okay to let things go, it will make room for all the new and beautiful pole wear you can buy. Once you have finished doing this you can then move onto organizing what you're left with.


Hack #2 Categorize 

The best way to organise anything is by categorizing or grouping similar products together. An example of this is keeping all your shorts together and all your pole tops together. This will make it so much easier when putting together your pole look.

 If you are folding your pole wear, you will want to fold it vertically not horizontally. With everything laid out in front of you, you will be able to mix and match your sets like a pro! Make sure to fold your pole wear all the same way to make it look uniformed and neat. Check out how Anastasia Skukhtorova, world pole dance champion organises her pole wear. 


Image: Anastasia Skukhtorova

Hack #3 Colour Coordinate

Colour coordinating your pole wear will help you to visually see what colours and styles you have. Start with grouping all the black styles you have and end with white. All the colourful items should be in-between. This hack will keep your pole wear looking amazing! If you end with colourful styles, your wardrobe will appear to look messy.


Hack #4 Organising Pleasers 

When organising your Pleasers or any pole shoes always try and start with the length of the shoes e.g. the length of a boot (ankle, mid-length, knee-high). It is also very important to separate the different colours you have starting with black and ending in white.

Hack #5 Creating More Space

If you are hanging any of your pole wear, try and use the same hangers. This will free up more space than you would have ever thought! If you have your pole wear in drawers try different folding techniques. Watch the video below to see how Marie Kondo folds a perfect underwear drawer (can also be used for pole wear). 










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