Pole Basics Tutorials PART 1

August 25 2020 – AAAeCommerce Inc Collaborator

Pole Basics Tutorials PART 1

Pole Basics Tutorials PART 1

Need to learn all the basic moves for pole dancing?

Our CEO Fion takes Tik Tok by showing us how it's done. Learn everything from body roll variations to reverse body rolls in less than 30 seconds! This is the quickest and easy to follow tutorial you will come across. Not to mention the Tik Tok music selection makes you want to get up and move every time. Once you’ve learned how to do the basics, you can add it to your fitness dance routines.

 Body roll basics

This body roll tutorial combines four different movements to create one flow. The body roll is a key move for pole dancing and can be used in conjunction with almost anything!

👉 Stick chest out 

👉 Lean back 

👉 Arch your back with you booty sticking out 

👉 Remember to move your belly in and out 


 How to do  a reverse body roll?

Before learning this it is important to feel confident in the standard body roll. You can incorporate the reverse body roll in almost any routine. 

👉Remember to always start low with your booty out

👉 Tuck your pelvis in 

👉 Thrust your hips forward and roll up your chest 

👉 Smooth it all out 



All about legs!

This tutorial shows you how to get the perfect leg twirls also known as leg circles for your floorwork flow. Leg twirls combined in any sequence will elevate your floorwork flow. 

👉 Pivot your hips from side to side 

👉 Draw big circles with your legs in the air 

👉 Keep your toes pointed at all times 

👉 Squeeze your knees

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