Killer glute exercises you need to try from home!

May 05 2020 – shaza khan

Killer glute exercises you need to try from home!

Killer glute exercises you need to try from home!


Working from home while in lockdown with gyms and fitness centres closed can mean we start to neglect our daily workout routine. It is important to implement some kind of fitness activity in your everyday life to stay mentally and physically engaged. We are loving booty bands and how we can use them in our workout routine.
Luna has teamed up with Strength by Pole to create a workout that can be done anywhere and anytime. This is an ideal workout to do while being in self quarantine. This workout can be done with or without a booty band. Although we highly recommend investing in one so you can make the most of your workout.
So, pop on the tunes, get in your Luna Pole Wear and get ready to sweat!
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BOOTY BAND BURNER in my favourite Polewear @lunapolewear 🔥 . . Here’s one you can try at home, all you need is a Booty Band! If you don’t have booty bands, I highly recommend in investing in one! They make workouts much more challenging, it’s efficient and effective! 🔥 This workout will literally burn and make you sweat, so keep water and a towel nice and close! #sassandslay 💦 . . WORKOUT ⤵️ 1️⃣ Squats 3x10. 2️⃣ Squat Jumps 3x15. 3️⃣ Squat to Sidekick 3x10 each side. 4️⃣ Hip Thrusts to Abductor 3x12. 5️⃣ Fire Hydrant 3x12. 6️⃣ Donkey Kicks 3x12. 7️⃣ Clamshell 3x15 each side. 8️⃣ Lying Leg Raise 3x15 each side. . . Wearing the Dahlia Top with Leopard Print and Mia Brown Leopard Leggings from Lunapolewear. #essentials . . . #strengthbypole #sassandslay #sbpworkout #bootyband #bootybandworkouts #stayhome #homeworkout #poledancing #poleworkout #polefitness #fitness #booty #bootyburn #poledancer #lunapolewear #poledance #igfit #igfitness #workout #strongwomen #motivation #inspire




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