Why sticky grip is a game changer for pole dancers?

May 05 2020 – Accountant Luna

Why sticky grip is a game changer for pole dancers?

Why sticky grip is a game changer for pole dancers?

Plus reviews from Amy Hazel and Coco Pole-dancer


Having grip is an essential for any pole dancer. But sometimes as dancers we can slip and fall when we don’t have enough grip to hold onto the pole. Grip isn’t just for our hands. Your legs and body are also grip points for the pole. Dry skin, cold pole, winter training are all things that can cause us to fall when pole dancing. This is where our new sticky grip comes to the rescue!

See the list below for all the benefits for using sticky grip while pole dancing.

#1 No sweat!  Is your skin too sweaty or dry? The sticky grip leggings or bodysuit can take all those issues away with one pair of our sticky grip leggings or bodysuit. Luna has your back with our new sticky grip range, you will no longer slide off the pole.


#2 Never miss that pole move again! Sticky grip is perfect when you need that extra push or grip to nail any tricky situations.


#3 No more falling and sliding off! With the new sticky grip fabric, the grip can help reduce bruising and Chinese burn from the pole.


 #4 For the girls who want coverage, all the girls who want to be a little more covered when training. We understand that all girls have their own insecurities. The sticky grip allows you to be a little more covered up while being on the pole. Plus, it will help you nail all your moves at the same time.


#5 We have created the first ever RECYCLED sticky grip leggings and bodysuit. Our entire sticky grip range is made from 100% recycled bottles using Repreave. Look good, while doing good.

Check out pole babes Coco and Amy wearing our sticky grip range!




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