April 30 2020 – Customer Service



We understand many of you will have questions about our transformation from Luna Pole Wear to Lunalae. We have created this blog to give you a deeper understanding of who Lunalae is and what you can expect from us!

 The new Lunalae is focusing on unique design, fit and extended styles (launching soon!). Lunalae is also here to give you a bespoke experience every time you shop, making purchasing from us is a breeze every time. The rebrand is important and we have worked timelessly to make sure your experience is the best every time you shop with us. 

 Why the change?

We all know it is important to grow and progress over the years to be the best version of yourself. Lunalae is growing and expanding too. We have so many exciting ranges coming up including lingerie and activewear. And as we move to a more sustainable future, we are focusing on being environmentally conscious every step of the way.

 How we are embracing the change?

 An Eco Approach

From garments all the way to our packaging, Lunalae has taken a mindful approach to living sustainably. Swing tags, labels, satchels have previously been made with synthetic fibres that can leave traces of micro plastics in the environment. Lunalae is now only using all-natural cotton and other natural materials to ensure it is 100% biodegradable, leaving no trace. All Luna lovers will start to see more and more of the garments being made from recycled or natural fibres. We understand this is a work in progress and we look forward to improving more aspects of our business in the future.  




Beauty Beyond Size

Lunalae strongly believes that beauty has no size and every girl deserves to feel beautiful. Therefore, we have created extended sizes for all females. When shopping with Lunalae we want every girl to see themselves in our clothing. As a female led company, we understand that we come in all shapes and sizes and pole wear and other garments should not be limiting to anyone. The new Lunalae will feature more extended sizes across our range including some of our best-selling styles. Keep your eyes peeled! 

Better Than Ever!

Lunalae website is now better than ever! We have worked extremely hard making sure your experience is the best every time you shop. The menu is designed to ease your shopping experience and help you find all your items instantly. You can expect the new site to have easy access to different products featuring colour swatches, better speed and easy page navigation. You can also expect in the future to see all your past and upcoming orders from your Luna account. 




We are so excited for you to be on this journey with us and hope you love all the new and exciting features just as much as us! 





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