Why We Extended Our Sizes

May 09 2020 – shaza khan

Why We Extended Our Sizes

Why We Extended Our Sizes


Lunalae’s mission is to make every woman feel sexy and confident in her own skin. Pole dancing is such a great platform for so many people, allowing people from all walks of life to feel empowered and strong. We pride ourselves on inclusivity, that every woman should feel beautiful no matter what their size, shape, or race is. Our new extended sizes are a significant part of our rebranding. We want all of our Luna Lovers to know that sexy has no size.

The video below highlights our inspiration for this important change.


Lunalae has noticed over the years that many of our followers have asked us to expand our size ranges and provide imagery of the products on models with different body shapes. Feedback such as this is critical in allowing us to provide you, our customer, with what products that meet your interests and needs.

The aim was clear and spoke true to our values and beliefs of equality and inclusiveness. So our CEO, Fion decided to launch extended sizes for our existing styles, including a brand new photoshoot.  

The extended size range can be found on our website under the Curve category. We believe the new sizes will give more women the confidence to feel sexy and powerful, and see themselves reflected on our website. Because beauty is not defined by your size.



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